Thursday 8 February 2018

Photographer Captures Eerily Beautiful Abandoned Home In Quebec, Canada

Just last year, a photographer named Dave decided to travel to Ontario, Canada to capture photos of old, abandoned house. Dave is a photographer for the website called which specializes in these kinds of things for the public to enjoy.

Besides taking photos for the website, Dave runs his own blog. On his blog, he told readers that he got the idea to photograph the Canadian home when one of his friends had posted a photo of the home on his personal social media page.

Dave had written on the blog that just looking at the home was unsettling; just as unsettling as when he actually did walk into the home. There was something eerie about it but he could not describe what made it feel that way. While abandoned houses are usually run down and junky-looking, they are also empty from the previous owner having moved on to something new. What makes this home different is the last owner left every single thing in the house, exactly where it was when he or she was living there. Dave explained that the appearance of the items inside the house was the most unsettling thing of all.

The photographer tried to dig up a little more information about the house but did not find much. All he found out was that it was owned by the previous owner’s daughter, who is now 76 years old and living elsewhere. In talking to her, he found out that the house was willed to a local church after her father had passed away. There are several rumors in the town stating that the daughter and the local church fell into a dispute over who would own and live in the house. While it was legally willed to the church, the daughter felt she had the right to keep it since it was her father’s.

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