Sunday, 15 September 2019

‘BURNNNN’! Sharyl Attkisson congratulates Bernie Sanders on becoming a huge ‘public service’ success after a non-wealthy childhood

Bernie Sanders has had some recent tweets come back to bite him lately, so who’s up for one more? It started with Sen. Sanders talking about his youth, when money was tight:
Unlike Trump, I did not grow up in a wealthy family.

My family lived in a rent-controlled building—and that most minimal form of economic security was crucial for our family.

All families should have that. We need a national rent control standard.

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Sharyl Attkisson gave Bernie a super sarcastic round of applause for how he’s made good after such a financially-challenged upbringing:

Nothing like a whole bunch of shade on a hot summer day!

Ms. Attkisson, I do believe you’ve committed assault & battery with a dangerous tweet.

Well done.
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Somebody get the burn balm for Bernie.

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