Thursday, 19 September 2019

Non-Christian Brad Pitt Has Gone to Kanye's Christian 'Sunday Services' & He's Praising Them

Brad Pitt might just be the most recognizable actor in the world.
The star of “12 Monkeys,” “Fight Club,” the “Ocean’s” series, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood” and many other films has dominated box office receipts and maintained massive appeal to audiences since the 1990s.
Pitt’s glamorous life and infamous loves belie the traditional religious upbringing that he has since drifted from.
The actor grew up in an actively Christian family, attending a Baptist church.
“I never understood growing up with Christianity — don’t do this, don’t do that — it’s all about don’ts,” Pitt said in 2017 GQ interview.
But the star also acknowledged that “the people, I know they believe it. I know they’re releasing something.”
In another GQ interview published Monday, Pitt said that he has found himself “coming back around to just belief in — I hate to use the word spirituality, but just a belief in that we’re all connected.”
He has also recently attended Kanye West’s “Sunday Services,” events featuring gospel choirs and messages from pastors like Rich Wilkerson Jr.
Pitt told Entertainment Tonight what he thought of the services.
“I think he’s doing something really special there,” Pitt said.
“It’s a pure celebration of life and people and it’s really delightful.”

If Pitt grew up in a Baptist church, it’s likely he has at least heard the Gospel presentation before: that Jesus Christ, the son of God, lived a sinless life, died in our place to pay the price for our sins and offers forgiveness and new life to any who will surrender to him.
But Pitt’s churchgoing experience wasn’t all positive, as shown by his “don’t do this, don’t do that” comment and the fact that he eventually left the church.
Hopefully, his presence at Kanye’s Sunday Services continues, and he learns that the few prohibitions God puts on us “are not burdensome,” as 1 John 5:3 says.
As famed pastor Adrian Rogers said, “God is not a tyrant in heaven making a bunch of laws to make you squirm like a worm in hot ashes as you try to keep those laws. God loves you. Every time God says ‘Thou shalt not,’ God is simply saying, ‘Don’t hurt yourself.’ And every time God says, ‘Thou shalt,’ God is saying, ‘Help yourself to happiness.'”
Of course, Pitt has made no public profession of faith — and statements about “spirituality” are no substitute for saving faith in Christ. So while Pitt’s vocabulary may have improved, that does not mean the state of his soul has.
But at very least, Pitt no longer calls himself an atheist, as he told GQ, and his recent comments suggest that he is at least open to the Gospel message.
A Christian Brad Pitt could have tremendous influence not only among his many fans, but also within the notoriously secular world of Hollywood.

Believers should pray for him as the Holy Spirit reminds them, asking God to thaw a heart hardened by years of legalism.

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