Sunday, 15 September 2019

‘Nonsensical hearsay’: Matt Whitlock’s refresher thread on why Ramirez/ Kavanaugh story COMPLETELY fell apart a must-read

Once again the Left is taking aim at Brett Kavanaugh.
We know, you’re shocked.
The New York Times is claiming Debbie Ramirez’s accusations against Kavanaugh are magically new and improved and totally NOT a fabrication. And the fact that two NYT reporters have a new book coming out on just this claim is purely coincidental.
Matt Whitlock offered up a fact-filled thread that dumps a whole lot of cold water on Ramirez’s claims AND the NYT … again:
The Ramirez/Kavanaugh story completely fell apart under scrutiny and the reporters who wrote it despite embarrassing sourcing took major reputations hits.

That it still somehow found it’s way into a book with even the slightest editing and scrutiny is shocking.

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Currently, the top two trends on Twitter are #ImpeachKavanaugh and #KavanaughLied.
Their obsession with destroying Kavanaugh will be the Left’s undoing.
Whitlock continued by sharing Senator Orrin Hatch’s thread with a refresher around her accusations.

Last nights article

✔️ Individual came forward because Senate Democrats "came looking"
✔️ Went on record after "6 days of carefully assessing her memories" with a former Democrat elected official
✔️ The NYT found "no one with firsthand knowledge.." 

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The Times further reported that the individual in the story had contacted former classmates herself in an effort to corroborate the story and had “told some of them that she could not be certain Mr. Kavanaugh was the one who exposed himself.”
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Oh yeah, that inconvenient nugget.
Unsurprisingly, Senate Democrats are now using last night’s article as an excuse to call for further delays. This follows the same approach they have taken since Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination was first announced.

No innuendo has been too low, no insinuation too dirty.
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In other words, this was never anything more than a smear job.
Every accuser deserves to be heard.

Moreover, a person who has committed sexual assault should not serve on the Supreme Court.

But the way my Democratic colleagues have approached these allegations makes clear that the driving objective here is not truth, but politics.
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Aww, such a great blast from the past.
Whitlock added more:
The FBI talked to Ramirez, followed what they could find credible, but likely found what Ronan Farrow found— one of the main pushers of Ramirez’s story had only ever heard it secondhand... from someone who has no memory of it.

Nonsensical hearsay. 
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They heard it from a friend of the barber of the guy whose cousin cuts his neighbor’s hair or something.
I can’t believe the responses claiming this story didn’t fall apart.

Actually, they’re right - because it was never a story to begin with so there was nothing TO fall apart.
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Desperate people are going to do desperate things.
This is just sad and pathetic at this point.

And THAT’S the truth.

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