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Rita Panahi not impressed with the new Toronto Raptors Nike Pro Hijab

Plenty, including the Women’s March, rejoiced when Macy’s announced it was introducing a hijab-friendly fashion line to its online catalog (but then again, they were boycotting the chain over its affiliation with the Trumps, so …).
That was last year. Now Nike is introducing its official Toronto Raptors hijab, “inspired by those brave enough to change the game.”
Color Herald Sun blogger Rita Panahi unimpressed:
It’s true that Iran recently announced it was unleashing 2,000 “morality police” in response to protests in which women were taking off their state-mandated hijabs. We have seen a lot of celebration of the hijab in Western media, from Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue featuring a model in a hijab and burqini to the hijab-wearing Barbie doll to rap videos about wearing it.
But to a lot of people in the West, it’s tough to see the hijab, even made by Nike, as anything but a symbol of oppression.
Poor western people. they are excited about the hijab because they are seeing the initial glimpse of it. They don't know hijab will hijack their freedom like an octopus and doesn't free them until they are dead.

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Classic example of believing left wing hysteria rather than the women of Iran themselves. They won’t let the facts and reality get in the way of their virtuous political correctness.

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With so many women commenting on this matter and how difficult it is for women to be free in their home countries ...why is it that Nike thinks they're doing a good thing?

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Sweet. They can wear these in Iran while they're NOT allowed to watch sporting events. Some things just shouldn't be celebrated.

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Why just mention Iran? Women & gilrs in other countries including in India are being forced to wear Hijab.

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I’d agree, people should always be free to wear what they like which is why I don’t think there should be a ban on for example the Burka, Hijab or Niqab, however promoting or glamourising a symbol of female oppression in 2019 seems to me utterly insane.

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Even with this outfit, those ladies are not allowed to play in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and their satellites.

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Nike capitalising on the ills of others?

They built an empire on it. This is just an extension

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It’s such rubbish this opportunism. Didn’t expect something so thoughtless from Nike. Have lost all respect for this once great brand.
Very sad Nike. Very very sad. @Nike @nikebasketball

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Many western people don’t understand what hijab represents. They don’t know what it means. They think it’s a choice, it’s not. It’s enforced on women, it objectify women. It’s about preventing men from sexually assaulting women, so they cover her.

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Probably about the same time their elementary schools start teaching their kids an LGBT-friendly curriculum.
Remember when the left used to oppose the Hijab as a symbol of gender oppression?

How the times have changed. And so quickly.
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That’s why we’re forced to respect someone like Rep. Ilhan Omar who says wearing the hijab on the House floor meant “power, liberation, beauty, and resistance.”

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