Sunday, 15 September 2019

This might be the least-informed gun tweet ever posted

We do our best not to pick on Twitter “randos” and stick to the politicians and blue-check comedy writers no one’s heard of, but there are those tweets that either go viral or are so jaw-droppingly wrong we can’t help but write about them. Our story starts with a post by Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky.
The number of hunting licenses sold in the United States last year was greater than the ten biggest armies in the world combined.

Politicians considering gun confiscation (aka mandatory buybacks) should chew on that.

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But when you hunt you use those rifles that are made of wood that are less scary-looking than assault weapons with their grenade launchers and chainsaw bayonets.
Even better … you can hunt with an AR-15, which is perfectly legal to own and use. It’s up to you … and still will be in 2021.
OK, here’s where we get to the tweet where we feel like we should black out the name and set up an immediate intervention by Stephen Gutowski.
An animal … killed with a semi-automatic weapon … would be too full of shrapnel to eat.

Most common “hunting” rifles for whitetail deer are 30-06 Springfield, .308 Win. 270 Win. etc. Most AR-15’s fire a 5.56mm NATO which is significantly less powerful than the first rounds mentioned. I can paste a link of the ballistics charts if you’d like.

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We don’t think that’s going to help.
Land of Goshen, woman. The majority of hunting guns are semiautomatic. Just because you have the capacity for a follow-up shot doesn’t mean you’re going hog wild filling a deer with lead.
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You clearly have no understanding of rounds, and their ballistics. The only rounds in public use that even explode so to say are hollow points, and hydra shocks. Both of which I have in my home defense tools. 5.56 rounds tumble once in the body to damage organs but not always
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And Democrats seem so shocked that we want to pin them down on a definition of “assault weapon” before they start writing their confiscation executive orders.

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