Thursday, 12 September 2019

YIKES! Get her a Snickers bar, STAT! Abortion-happy blue-check doc RAGES at Facebook for not silencing pro-life activist Lila Rose

If you ever really want to see angry, unpleasant, and downright awful people look no further than the pro-abortion crowd which is honestly very different from the pro-choice crowd. And if you want especially nasty, take a gander at the doctors in that movement, like Jennifer Gunter.
Jenn is angry at Facebook for taking down a video that ‘fact-checked’ pro-life activist, Lila Rose.
Her whole timeline is her raging at Facebook and at Lila:
Hey @facebook you know who is qualified to speak on the medical necessity of abortion? Doctors. Why would you take the opinion of forced births trolls (why by the way can be politicians) over medical facts? Are you officially a propaganda machine now?

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Yeah, Facebook, how DARE you allow varying opinions on such an important issue?! Surely the only voices that should be heard when it comes to abortion are those of the pro-aborts!
The nerve.

Yeah, she’s clearly the person Facebook should be listening to.
Maybe get her two Snickers bars.
This woman is a doctor.
Keep that in mind because WOW.
So @LilaGraceRose if abortion is never necessary, how do you treat a woman a 21 weeks with ruptured membranes, chorioamnionitis, sepsis despite antibiotics, with fetal cardiac activity who has failed to contract after misoprostol and pitocin?
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Forced birthers.
Ugh, could she be more awful? We just saw someone call it ‘reproductive slavery’ so yes, yes they can be more awful.
Besides, Facebook has been silencing and shunning Lila for months (years):
Coming up on @FoxNews with @TuckerCarlson in a few to discuss @Facebook’s censorship of the pro-life message & pro-Planned Parenthood CA Attorney General Becerra’s partisan prosecution of @daviddaleiden & Sandra Merritt @CtrMedProgress
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But you know, Facebook is all in for the pro-life movement and stuff for taking down one video.

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