Friday, 18 October 2019

‘It is INSANE’: Dana Loesch unloads on ANY lawmaker considering reinstatement of (former) Sheriff Scott Israel

We’d like to say we’re shocked that any lawmaker, Republican or Democrat, would consider reinstating Sheriff Scott Israel but with the way things go in Florida we’re just not.
Andrew Pollack, who lost his daughter in the Parkland Shooting spoke out against his reinstatement:
Scott Israel’s failed leadership led to the murder of my daughter and 16 other innocent lives.

When my daughter needed help, Israel’s deputies hid

If the @FLSenate reinstates him, they are putting the lives of every Broward citizen in danger.

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And then Dana Loesch jumped in as well.
You guys remember when Israel tried to blame her and Marco Rubio for the Parkland Shooting at CNN’s Townhall? ‘Cuz we do and we’re willing to bet she remembers it too.

I live in Broward County, and this man is a known hack and a partisan operative. He is a very good example of how NOT to be a sheriff. We don't want this absolute failure to leech on our taxes while putting the entire county at risk because of his corruption & incompetence.
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What he said.
his failure makes it even more imperative for us to retain our rights to defend ourselves and our families by any means necessary. When the cops chicken out, who is left?
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There ya’ go.
There must be a mall somewhere in northern Alaska that could use someone with his expertise to make sure their parking lot is safe from maurading moose.
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But hey, we hear Walmart is always hiring greeters.

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