Sunday, 27 October 2019

Problematic: The Atlantic says American tiki bars are making a comeback, but are they cultural appropriation?

No one told us, but apparently American tiki bars are making a comeback, and The Atlantic is on it. Just one problem, though: are tiki bars a form of cultural appropriation?
Sarah Miller-Davenport, the author of Gateway State: Hawaii and the Cultural Transformation of American Empire, describes how Polynesian-style bars and restaurants allowed mid-century, middle-class white Americans to feel cosmopolitan and adventurous, in part by playing on racist stereotypes of Polynesian sexuality. These stereotypes are part of the reason Kalewa Correa, the Hawaii and Pacific America curator at the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center, says tiki bars make him, a native Hawaiian, uncomfortable …
This whine-by-numbers is easy to dispose of: Tiki bars 'appropriate' port and shipping culture, which is intrinsically transcultural and syncretic. The cultures were pre-appropriated and blended long before the Mai Tai. You can't unmix the cocktail.
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Not only are tiki bars cool, this kind of thinking ensures they’ll be SJW-free environments too. Win-win!
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"just one more instance"

They know they are on a mission to sour all human existence. They think if they can get people to feel badly enough they can harness those people.
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"Cultural Appropriation" is not a thing. I hope we all adopt the beautiful parts of each others cultures, that is how society advances and ideas get shared. There are no rules when it comes to learning and embracing parts of global culture other than not to be exploitative
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Being against cultural sharing/mixing/appreciation is just a form of segregation. It’s regressive, and it only seems to be an issue when white people do it.
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Saying "cultural appropriation" is the best way to make sure nobody takes you seriously and annoy them at the same time.
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Guys, guys, really had a cool opportunity for a neat little backstory on the Tiki Bar, but then you went ......there.
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