Thursday, 9 January 2020

“Absolutely, Positively False” – Senator Lankford DESTROYS Turncoat Sen. Mike Lee on Bogus Meltdown following Today’s Iran Briefing (VIDEO)

On Wednesday Senator Mike Lee lashed out at the Trump administration following an Iran briefing to US senators.
Lee says he will likely side with Democrats and support a War Powers resolution to limit President Trump’s power as Commander in Chief.
Lee also is famous for putting foreign workers before US workers.
Mike Lee needs to go.

Later today Senator James Lankford destroyed Mike Lee for misrepresenting today’s private meeting to US senators.
Melissa Francis: Some of your colleagues have come out of your meeting today though and said almost the exact opposite. They didn’t get nearly enough information to justify what has happened. And, that they weren’t satisfied with the position at all. What do you think they heard?
Senator James Lankford: Yeah, it has been very interesting. I’ve seen some of my colleagues come out and make comments like that. In fact, one of my colleagues stepped out and said the whole group was doing a briefing with us and when the questions got hard that they left and they ran off. That was absolutely, positively false. That did not occur. They weren’t running away. We started at 2:30 and we finished at 4:00 because they had meetings in the White House.
It was all a lie.
Lee was not honest.

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