Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Attorney Sidney Powell: We Presented HOURS of Evidence Proving General Flynn Was Telling the Truth – Instead DOJ Doubled-Down and Went After General Flynn (VIDEO)

Sidney Powell, the attorney for former Trump national security advisor retired Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, filed a motion Tuesday in federal court seeking to withdraw his guilty plea in the Mueller probe. 
Powell alleged in her motion that the government broke its agreement with Flynn. Flynn is scheduled for sentencing on January 28. The filing asks for a continuance to February 27 to afford prosecutors time to respond to the motion to withdraw.
On Tuesday night Sidney Powell joined Sean Hannity to discuss the case and their motion to withdraw General Flynn’s guilty plea.
Sidney Powell discussed their meetings with corrupt government officials including Brandon Van Grack who committed numerous false and fraudulent actions in his efforts to indict General Michael Flynn.
Sean Hannity: Will you be able to withdraw this plea? And I applaud you for doing it.  What they have done to this 33-year veteran is an obnoxious, repulsive unbelievable abuse of power.
Attorney Sidney Powell:  It is and they’ve been abusing their power in the last year in spades, Sean.  The reason it came to this is they tried to get him to lie in the prosecution of the United States versus Rafiekian, his former business partner.  And with new counsel standing by his side of course there was no way I was going to let him do that and he didn’t want to do that.   So we pushed back on that with evidence we presented to them for hours showing them all kinds of different things that supported the fact that he was telling the truth. And instead they doubled-down, came against him, made him a co-conspirator even though they told the judge in the Eastern district that he was not. They never thought he was. It’s just been one atrocity after another. And then the recent sentencing memo is just full of lies and distortions. So they breached the plea agreement that when they tried to withdraw their motion that he was going to be given probation.

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