Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Democrats Lose Their First Battle of Trump’s Impeachment Trial as Senate Votes AGAINST Subpoenaing White House For Ukraine Documents

Chuck Schumer 
The Democrats have already lost their first battle of Trump’s impeachment trial as the Senate voted against subpoenaing the White House for Ukraine documents.
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) wanted to subpoena the White House for documents regarding Ukraine.
Schumer’s amendment requested documents related to Trump’s phone calls to the Ukrainian government and ‘delayed’ military aid.
The Democrats also asked for any communications from White House staffers and their efforts to investigate crooked Joe Biden.
All of a sudden opposition research and ferreting out corruption is an impeachable offense.
Republican Senators shot down Schumer’s amendment in a 53-47 vote on party line.

The Hill reported:
Senate Republicans on Tuesday rejected an opening effort by Democrats to compel the Trump administration to hand over documents related to the delayed Ukraine aid.
Democrats offered two amendments to the rules resolution that would have required the administration to turn over documents. Both were tabled, effectively blocking the requests, in back-to-back 53-47 votes.
The documents, according to Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.), would relate to conversations and documents between President Trump, top administration officials and Ukraine on the delayed funding, which was eventually released in September.
“No one can argue that these documents are not directly related … People should understand that the documents can shed as much light on why the aid was cut off, who did it,” Schumer told reporters during a presser before the vote.
“The documents are of equal importance. People should understand that the documents can shed as much light on why the aid was cut off, who did it, and how it evolved, as the witnesses. And we feel very strongly that we need documents and that’s why it’s our first call,” Schumer added.
In a separate request, Democrats asked for State Department documents related to Ukraine and copies of Rudy Giuliani’s communications.

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