Wednesday 22 January 2020

Rudy Giuliani: Joe Biden Has to Be Prosecuted – There Is No Doubt About It (VIDEO)

The first day of the sham impeachment trial took place on Tuesday in the United States Senate. 
Democrats are hoping to remove President Trump from office based on two non-crimes and no evidence.
On Tuesday evening Rudy Giuliani joined Steve Bannon and The War Room to discuss today’s hearings.
The conversation quickly moved on to Lev Parnas — a liar, and Joe Biden — a crook.
Rudy told The War Room that Joe Biden should be indicted.
Rudy Giuliani: I don’t know if our law enforcement has the courage to prosecute Joe Biden. Joe Biden has to be prosecuted. There is no doubt about it. He committed bribery. He was engaged in a long term scheme to use his name to extort money from countries. He did it in Iraq. He did it in China. He did it in Ukraine. It’s right in front of their eyes. And the problem is law enforcement is worried that they’re going to look like political prosecutors if they do this… The reality is if we’re going to get back to a country of one standard then Joe Biden’s got to be treated like everybody else.

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