Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Elizabeth Warren And CNN Get DRAGGED For Dishonestly Smearing Bernie Sanders During Debate (VIDEO)

The Democrat debate on Tuesday night was a mostly boring affair, but one moment stood out for people on the left and the right.
CNN and Elizabeth Warren worked together to smear Bernie Sanders in a disgusting way.
This all started a few days ago when someone leaked to the media that Bernie recently told Warren that a woman could never be elected president.
Bernie was asked about it during the debate and completely denied it, giving a very reasonable answer. Then CNN turned to Warren and acted like Bernie had just lied and Warren played along rather than correcting them. It came off as really dirty. 
Watch CNN Moderator Side With Warren Over Sanders in Ongoing Campaign Dispute
Sanders was asked early on in Tuesday’s debate about CNN’s report that he told Warren during a private 2018 meeting that he believed a woman couldn’t win the election. He flatly denied ever making the comment.
“I do want to be clear here,” Phillip said. “You’re saying you never told Senator Warren that a woman could not win the election?”
“That is correct,” Sanders said.
Phillip dismissed Sanders’s denial and proceeded to state the accusation made in the CNN report as fact when she handed the question over to Warren.
“Senator Warren, what did you think when Senator Sanders told you a woman could not win the election?” Phillip said, eliciting a look of disbelief from Sanders.
Watch the video:
Warren was absolutely slimed for this on Twitter after the debate. She tweeted this:
I just stepped off the stage feeling energized by our fight for big, structural change. And I just heard from my team: We’re close to meeting our mid-month fundraising goal. Will you chip in $3 before midnight? 
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The little green symbol in these replies is a snake. People called Warren a snake. Brutal.
Warren even refused to shake Bernie’s hand after the debate. Can you believe that?
Warren made a lot of enemies last night.
all the twitter replies to Elizabeth Warren's posts now are just increasing numbers of snake emojis
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That is going to hurt her. Big time.

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