Wednesday, 15 January 2020

HUGE! Devin Nunes: We Were Told in Early 2017 by Highest Levels of DOJ that General Flynn Didn’t Lie to the FBI (VIDEO)

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) joined Laura Ingraham on Tuesday to discuss the latest coup attempt by the Democrat Party, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff. 

Nunes also told The Ingraham Angle that Republican lawmakers were told way back in 2017 that General Flynn was innocent and DID NOT LIE to FBI investigators.

This is VERY IMPORTANT to know because on Tuesday night Sidney Powell, the attorney for retired Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, filed a motion in federal court seeking to withdraw his guilty plea in the Mueller probe.
These corrupt anti-Trump activists in the Department of Justice continue to get away with their lies and smears and horrific legal attacks on Trump supporters!
When is the Department of Justice going to CLEAN HOUSE?
Rep. Devin Nunes:  Well, we knew early on in 2017 that Michael Flynn did not lie to the FBI.  We actually put that in our report.  It didn’t come out until 2018 after Flynn had already pled.    But there were several of us as witnesses.  We also told the highest levels of DOJ that we had been briefed by the FBI that Flynn didn’t lie to the FBI.
Laura Ingraham:  Didn’t Peter Strzok come out of that meeting with Flynn and thinking he didn’t lie?
Devin Nunes:  Well, interesting that you’d say that.  There’s missing documentation that we never received.  And then … I want to make sure everybody understands this.  We put in our report and some of the things that General Flynn is saying and what he gave to the court today withdrawing his plea.  He’s saying he’s been treated unfairly.  Remember we put this in our report in 2018 and for some reason it was redacted!  We had to fight for what seemed for a couple months in order to get that un-redacted.

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