Wednesday, 25 March 2020

‘Outrageous’! Here’s what Congress wants to do with $25 million in COVID19 relief money

Congress has America’s best interests at heart. There’s really no other explanation for this provision in the COVID19 relief bill:
Good news everyone, the Senate's bill still has $25 million for the Kennedy Center. What a relief to the small businesses going under because of .

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That’s sarcasm, just so we’re clear here.
The Kennedy Center doesn't need this money.

If Congress wants to make a show of supporting out-of-work artists, this money should be earmarked for community theaters, dance companies, etc. All of them are shut down and many won't reopen. The KC will be fine when this passes. 

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That's $1,000 for 25,000 families that instead is going to an already federally-funded love interest of wealthy Democratic donors.

If ALL this money doesn't go to low-paid support staff at the Center, I urge you to reconsider ever supporting them again. This is bullshit. 

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God forbid a relief bill be about relief for the people that need relief.
Well, for what it’s worth:
So basically Congress is a hot mess.
Congress has a hell of a lot to answer for.

Surprise! There’s plenty more government waste where that came from:
$75 million in the bill for Corporation for Public Broadcasting, that is PBS and NPR
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That one.
And how about this?
$75,000,000 National Endowment of the Arts

ERROR - in p114/115 it looks like they accidentally pasted the National Endowment of the Arts section twice, accidentally doubling their funds 75mil x2 
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Guess there are quite a few “drafting errors” in this thing.

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