Wednesday 25 March 2020

TDS-afflicted blue-checked ‘mental health counselor’ doesn’t want you to know he’s ‘joyous’ at all the suffering and death from COVID19

If you’re not familiar with Jeffrey Guterman, that’s OK. According to his Twitter bio, he’s a mental health professional. He’s got a fancy blue checkmark. And he basically spends his days waiting for Donald Trump to tweet so he can respond with something Resist-y.
Basically, he’s an older version of the Krassensteins who just hasn’t been kicked off of Twitter yet. Yet.
We say “yet” because we feel like if Guterman were a Trump supporter tweeting this at a Democrat, Twitter would decide he’d violated some term of service or something:

COVID19 is good because Orange Man Bad?
Something tells us he didn’t delete it because he was ashamed.
Guterman definitely deserves a plum spot on The List.

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