Saturday, 19 September 2020

Joe Biden Incoherently Rambles About Chicken Sh*t For 30 Seconds Straight After Rudely Interrupting Trump Voter During CNN Town Hall (VIDEO)


This was weird.

Joe Biden Thursday night rambled about chickens and chicken sh*t for 30 seconds straight after rudely interrupting a Republican voter during the CNN town hall.

Anderson Cooper introduced Julie Masser Ballay, a CFO of her family’s potato farm and member of the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau who said she voted for Trump in 2016.

She actually had a real question for Joe Biden, unlike the scripted softball questions he took from other Democrat plants.

How are you feeling now, Julie?” Biden asked.

She wasn’t having it.

“Uh, good evening. Overregulation puts an extreme burden on small and family-owned farms and is a contributing factor to many farms going out of business. Policies during the Obama administration such as the rules under the Waters of the U.S. Act threaten to increase that regulation. As does policies proposed through the Green New Deal, which your climate plan embraces.”

“No it doesn’t,” Biden said rudely interrupting the woman.

“Excuse me,” Ballay said. “If I could finish.”

“I’m sorry. I apologize,” Biden said.


Biden then incoherently rambled about chickens and chicken shit for 30 seconds straight.

Even more frightening, Biden also said he will pay farmers to put their land into “land banks” and “pay farmers for planting certain crops” that could “absorb carbon from the air.”

“Chickens. Chicken and chick-poultry and all what is all the all the manure quite frankly that is a consequence of chickens,“ said Biden.


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