Saturday, 17 April 2021

CRAZY: Shocking Video of Pregnant Illegal Aliens Moved Around at Night on Southern Border – Then Being Prepped for Travel Across the Country


What is going on at the Southern Border? If Americans knew they’d be marching in the streets. Instead, illegal immigrants are being marched between facilities involved in their early days in the US.

Obama/Biden are back to Obama’s old ways of destroying this great nation.  They are trying to change the country to something like Venezuela and they will do ANYTHING to do it.  They’ll steal elections and break any number of laws.  It’s about absolute power.

An incredible video showing the movement of illegal immigrants at the Southern Border was released today.  It shows around 50 girls, a mojority of them pregnant, all likely illegal immigrants, being moved around between locations at a city on the border.

The girls are shipped from a fenced-in facility to the Catholic Charities facility about a block away.  They are marched at night, a few with children in tow.

In the video, it is reported that that the women’s phones are taken away.  The videographer asks if this is so they can’t be traced.  This is shocking that this is happening in America.

Biden and Obama are determined to weaken and destroy this country.

There is no reason why this would be allowed to take place in any country that valued its citizens and future.

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