Monday, 10 July 2023

Chris Christie Slams Trump Prosecutor In Hunter Biden Case: ‘A Lie Or Is Incompetent’

 Former New Jersey Governor and current Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie tore into U.S. Attorney David Weiss over the weekend over the plea deal that was offered to President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter.

Hunter Biden, who has been facing a multi-year investigation by officials, negotiated a deal with Weiss last month. Hunter will plead guilty to failing to pay about $100,000 in taxes for 2017 and for failing to pay a similar amount for 2018. The tax charges Hunter faces are misdemeanors.

He is expected to not face any jail time and to be given two years of probation.

The 53-year-old will also reportedly enter a diversion program upon admitting the illegal purchase of a firearm in 2018. The gun charge could be revoked from his record upon completion of the diversion program, according to sources who spoke with the Post.

Christie responded to the deal during an interview on Fox News’ “Fox News Sunday” with host Shannon Bream.

“U.S. Attorney [David] Weiss has to explain himself and he has to explain himself in public,” Christie said. “You know, the fact is that this investigation of Hunter Biden in Delaware is either a lie or it’s incompetent. There’s no way that it should take five years to get to a two-count misdemeanor tax plea and then to dismiss the gun charges.”

Christie lambasted Democrats for pushing for more gun control while refusing to “even enforce the gun laws that exist,” which he said Hunter Biden “should have been charged under.”

“So either David Weiss is incompetent in taking five years to do that, or he’s not telling the truth,” Christie added. “And [Attorney General] Merrick Garland is not telling the truth. Either way, there’s a lot more work to be done on this case.”

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