Friday 17 November 2017

Once Upon A Time In Afghanistan

 "A laboratory at the Vaccine Research Center."
 "A villager welcomes visiting nurses to his compound."
 "Biology class, Kabul University."
 "Cabinet in session."
 "Central control panel at Radio Kabul transmitter. Transmitter can be heard as far distant as South Africa and Indonesia."
 "Fresh fruit bazaar."
 "Furniture display room."
 "Gulbahar Textile Plant is one of the most modern in Asia."
 "Hundreds of Afghan youngsters take active part in Scout programs."
 "In the absence of dependable international peace, national defense plays an important role in the affairs of the nation."
 "Infant ward at feeding time."
 "Kabul is served by an up-to-date transportation system."
 "Kabul University students changing classes. Enrollment has doubled in last four years."
 "Most hospitals give extensive post-natal care to young mothers."
 "Mothers and children at a city playground."
 "Park Cinema, like many others, provides the needed entertainment."
 "Recording room pre-records many interviews, special service programs for delayed broadcast."
 "Sarobi hydro-power plant on Kabul River is one of the country's foremost power stations."
 "Skilled workers like these press operators are building new standards for themselves and their country."
 "Student nurses at Maternity Hospital, Kabul."
"Textile store window display."

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