Wednesday 24 January 2018

11 Foods We Eat At Wrong Hours That Affect Our Health

A balanced diet is very crucial for a healthy body and eating healthy food with essential nutrients keeps your body nourished. But are you aware that most of the time the foods you consume at the wrong time can cause more harm to your body?
Yes, that's right! Eating certain meals at the wrong time can cause indigestion, constipation and other stomach-related problems. The main problem is some of you do not know the right time to eat the foods.
Having a banana to get rid of the hunger pangs or snacking on a bar of chocolate to boost your mood, comes very naturally. But did you know that having these foods at the wrong time of the day can actually have the very opposite reaction?
This habit may have negative effects on your health in the long run. So, it is very crucial to be aware of when to eat so that you have a better control over your diet.
Check out these 11 foods we eat at wrong hours that affect our health!
1. Banana
Banana is rich in antacids which is helpful in soothing heartburns. Eating this fruit during the day will maintain your energy levels. But, if you consume banana at night it may result in cold and cough. You should avoid eating bananas at night.

2. Yogurt

Eating yogurt during the day will help to sooth the digestion process and improve gut health. Eating yogurt at night can induce heat in your body and cause acidity as well as other digestive disorders. It can affect the respiratory tract, bringing about cold and cough.

3. Green Tea

Green tea has many benefits, but you will get these benefits if you drink it at the right time. Drinking green tea on an empty stomach in the morning can lead to dehydration and acidity because it contains the caffeine content. Therefore, you can drink it during the day.

4. Rice

Dietitians suggest that one must stay away from rice during the night because it is rich in starch. You might feel bloated and have trouble in sleeping. Eating rice at night also leads to weight gain because it takes longer time to digest.

5. Milk

Milk is loaded with essential nutrients. But, drinking milk throughout the day can make you feel lethargic because it takes longer time to get digested. However, drinking milk at night will help the body to relax completely and the nutrients get absorbed effectively.

6. Apple

Everyone knows how the apple is a wonderful food loaded with important antioxidants. Eating apples at night can lead to stomach acidity; it increases the level of acidity in the stomach. So eat apples during the day to help to smoothen the bowel function.

7. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is full of organic compounds that have the ability to improve health and reduce the chances of heart disease. Dark chocolate is low in sugar and high in cocoa content and consuming it at night can elevate your mood and reduce blood pressure.

8. Red Wine

Red wine contains alcohol and certain substances called antioxidants that prevents coronary artery disease. Drinking a glass of red wine after dinner or during late evenings will be absorbed by the body quickly ,thus making you active. Do not consume red wine during the day.

9. Coffee

Many people drink coffee at night to stay awake. This is a very unhealthy habit. People who consume coffee at night can irritate their digestive system and it can make you feel quite restless since coffee has caffeine content. It is rather suggested to drink this beverage during the day.

10. Orange Juice

Orange juice is packed with vitamin C and drinking this during the day can keep you feeling energized and increase your metabolism rate. It is due to the folic acid and vitamin D present in it. But, don't consume orange juice at night as it can increase the acidity of the stomach.

11. Sugar

If you drink smoothies and have a bowl of oatmeal in the morning, it will be helpful in increasing your energy. And it will keep you active throughout the day. But consuming sugary drinks at night can increase the body fat since there's no physical activity of the body.

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