Friday 8 June 2018

Fresh Stone Age Meat [Creative Advertising]

Fresh mammoth steaks, juicy dinosaur legs and tender sabertooth fillets packaged in large meat packs were seen in German supermarkets to the amusement of shoppers. Fresh Stone Age meat products is an effort to promote the revolutionary cooling effect of Bosch VitaFresh refrigeration technology that keeps vegetables, fish and meat fresh for extremely long periods.
dinosaur-meat (1)
The meat packs came with QR-Code along with leaflets and announcements in the supermarkets. The campaign reached 75,000 people over six days in 24 supermarkets. The web special attracted 236% more visitors with a 530% increase in length of stay.
The Stone Age Meat campaign was developed by DDB, an advertising agency at Berlin, Germany. Watch the video after the pictures.

dinosaur-meat (3)

dinosaur-meat (4)

dinosaur-meat (2)

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