Monday 22 October 2018

Akron police officers are filmed tasering and punching 'fugitive' suspect as he groans and cries 'I can't breathe'

A group of Ohio police officers have been filmed tasering and repeatedly punching a suspect who groaned that he could not breathe and pleaded for help as the officers subdued him.
The incident took place in Para Avenue in Akron on Sunday and was filmed in part by some of the man's neighbors. They say he was smoking marijuana when two officers confronted him.
By the time the neighbors had started filming, the first two cops, a man and a woman, had him on the ground and were wrestling with him to keep him still. 

As the suspect groaned, the male officer tasered him. 
They held him on the ground, ordering him to roll onto his stomach and saying nothing when he cried: 'What did I do? I didn't do nothing!
'Help! I can't breathe!' 
After several minutes, two more officers arrived. The first in that pair instantly started punching the man in the back despite him being held down on the ground by three other officers. 
Shocked onlookes yelled: 'You're not allowed to do that! You're not allowed to punch him!' but the cops persisted. 
One female officer argued back with them: 'Are you f****** kidding?' and said the man tried to bite her. 
More officers arrived to join in on the arrest seconds later. By the end of the video, there were at least 10 cops on the scene.
According to WKYC, the suspect was taken to hospital but only because he was under the influence of drugs. 
Police say he was a fugitive from Cleveland who was behaving erratically at the time of his arrest. 
The department did not immediately respond to's inquiries on Monday morning. 
It remains unclear if the man was charged or if he suffered any injuries as a result of the aggressive arrest.
The neighbors who filmed the video said he was a veteran who lives on the street. 

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