Thursday 18 October 2018

Shocking moment smartly dressed woman walks up to house and grabs package - containing £500 of designer clothes - from the doorstep

This is the moment a woman is seen walking off with a bag full of second-hand designer clothes that were left on a doorstep for a delivery driver to collect.
The well-dressed woman grabbed the package from the house in Greenwich, south east London, after it was left unattended in a large bag.
The package contained more than £500 worth of designer clothes that had been sold to a buyer on eBay and waiting to be collected by a courier.
A CCTV camera captured the moment the woman made her move and the homeowner has reported the theft to the police.
The victim, who asked not to be named, said: ‘I had sold the clothes on eBay and had left them on the doorstep for a pick up.
'They were all packaged up but I put them in the big bag as it was raining and I did not want the package to get wet. Usually I just leave the package out but decided to put them in the bag this time.
‘I was shocked when I saw the video. This woman would not have known what was in the bag, but decided to take it from the doorstep anyway.
‘It’s really upsetting that someone could just walk up the pathway and take the bag.'
She added that she always uses the same delivery company and did not recognize the woman. A uniformed courier also turned up later to collect the package. 
The incident took place on Wednesday morning in Greenwich, South East London.
The victim, who is in her thirties, said she regularly sold goods on eBay and left them outside the house for collection.
‘I live in a nice neighbourhood and you don’t really expect this sort of thing to happen. The clothes were mine and I had decided to sell them on eBay.'
The surge in online shopping has led to as huge increase in the number of thefts from doorsteps.
With Christmas approaching more than 200 online deliveries are expected to be made and police across the country have warned that goods should not be left on doorsteps.
Most delivery companies are under instruction to leave parcels with a neighbour if the purchaser is not home rather than leave in view of people passing on the street.

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