Wednesday 24 October 2018

This Guy Live-Tweeted Someone "Stealing" His Hotel Room and It's Hilarious (19 Pics)

This story from Daniel Jose is a cautionary tale about jumping to conclusions. Or maybe it's about a bunch of people who have no idea what the heck is going on. Or maybe it's a tale of a dastardly individual who tried checking into a hotel room under someone else's name.
Or it could be a combination of all three of them. Whatever the case is, whenever you're confronted with something out of the ordinary, it's not uncommon for your brain to work in less-than-optimal ways.
Which is exactly what happened with our friend, Twitter user Daniel Jose Older, walked into what he was sure was his hotel room. Only to find the TV on and someone else's luggage on the bed. He understandably freaked out.

Like any rational-minded individual with a Twitter account, he decided, immediately after walking out of there like this toddler in the classic GIF below, to hop on Twitter and tell everyone about his imminent doom.

He soon discovered that someone just didn't accidentally go inside his room or that there was some swipe access error, but that the person checked in using his name. Now sometimes hotels mess up and give someone the wrong room.

But why would someone check into your room with your name unless they were attempting to get into some kind of tomfoolery with it? Or maybe it's a Single White Female-type of situation, you know, without that whole scary high heel scene (hopefully).

Daniel was freaking out, and thankfully the hotel did solve his whole not-having a room issue. Except there was one little problem: they shacked him up in a room that was adjacent to the one that his maybe-clone "stole" from him.

Granted, there is probably a very logical explanation for all of this, but it doesn't look good when you're trying to get into your hotel room and then you find out that someone up and took it using your name.

Then for you to have to stay in a room next to the person who could be potentially stealing your identity? Not cool. Really not cool. Granted. Daniel mentions previous experiences he's had with other people walking into his room accidentally, but still. This seems like a slightly different situation.

As it turns out though, Daniel was just over-reacting for no reason. That didn't stop a bunch of people in his Twitter feed from giving him some very sound advice. Heck, if I was in his state of mind I'd probably hop in my rental car and keep the engine running till the whole thing was figured out.

As it happens, this was less the work of some shady scumbag trying to steal his identity/make a skin suit of Daniel's body, and more to do with a hotel worker who was overly tired and put the wrong information in their computer.

It didn't stop Daniel from having a bit of fun with the entire thing. And for his inconvenience/duress/triggering of delusional and paranoid fantasies, the hotel went and comped him his meal. So he's got that going for him.

He even tweeted to his audience online to let him know that he wasn't decapitated by the man in the room beside him, for all we know at least.
Well, if there's something to be learned from this whole experience it's that if you make a big enough stink about an error, you could get a free dinner out of it.

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