Tuesday 6 November 2018

How to Drink More Water (And 7 Reasons Why You Should)

Your body is a fabulous machine, but it requires around three liters or more of H2O each day to keep it cool, lubricated, and functioning as it should.
Pretty much every part of your body benefits from a decent water supply. Your eyes, nose, and mouth should be kept moist, which means your body needs to have fluid to spare. Your joints are protected by cartilage, which is 80% water and requires ongoing rehydration.
You can make the habit more appealing by sprucing up your water. Try infusing it with fruit or cucumber to trick your brain into thinking it’s a treat. You can supplement those pint glasses by adding water-rich food such as watermelon or tomatoes to your diet, too.
This infographic gives you the lowdown on all the benefits of drinking more water – with the scientific research to back it up. And we’ve shared the best ideas on how to increase your water intake. You’ll feel much more motivated when you realize all that agua helps your brain function more efficiently!

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