Wednesday 14 November 2018

That's swell! Billionaire uses his $25million yacht to team up with SURFERS to deliver supplies to stranded Malibu wildfire victims - after his own winery was destroyed by the flames (10 Pics)

Billionaire winery owner Howard Leight used his $25million yacht to deliver supplies to victims of the California wildfires with the help of surfers and paddleboarders in Malibu

Only in Malibu …
A group of volunteers teamed up with a billionaire winery owner and some surfers to help deliver supplies to people affected by the California wildfires — using a 142-foot yacht.
The makeshift supply mission, which was caught on video by local residents and reporters, went down Tuesday in the waters off Paradise Cove.
“Does it get more California than this?” wrote one Twitter user.
The yacht — which is valued at around $25 million and includes a helipad — was supplied by Howard Leight, co-owner of the Malibu Rocky Oaks winery. He had reached out to his friend Bill Kerbox on Monday and asked him to help organize everything using social media.
“There’s been so much confusion,” Kerbox told volunteers before heading out Tuesday, according to the Los Angeles Times. “We need to get out on social media that supplies are going to start be unloaded in a little over an hour.”
Cops told the group that they would not be allowed to ferry the goods to shore themselves, so surfers and paddleboarders who were in the area decided to do it for them.
“If we’re not letting people in by land, we’re not letting them in by sea,” an LA County sheriff’s deputy said. But the locals would not be deterred.
After several trips, Leight and his crew managed to unload all of their supplies and transfer them to land safely. The load included around 3,000 bottles of water, 100 gallons of gas, food, shovels and — of course — lots of beer.
In fact, Leight’s yacht was reportedly equipped with a fully stocked wet bar.
With the help of a team of volunteers, Leight and his friend Bill Kerbox packed supplies onto the Leight Star yacht on Tuesday morning and made their way to Paradise Cove
Police wouldn't allow the yacht deliver the supplies to shore so surfers had to step in and help
Leight is the co-owner of the Malibu Rocky Oaks winery in the Santa Monica Mountains
Leight has yet to share any photos of fire damage at his winery, which is seen above in October
The billionaire's yacht, Leight Star, is 142ft long, and has its own helipad
Leight offered his boat to help transport donated supplies to areas cut off by the wildfires
The extensive civilian effort was captured by social media users and local news crews 
The civilian efforts in Paradise Cove caught the attention of social media and local outlets
The group brought 3,000 water bottles and countless other items to the isolated community

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