Saturday 18 January 2020

LEAKED: Campaign Rider Shows Bernie Sanders Demands Hotel Rooms Be Freezing And Bathrooms Not Have ‘Slow Flushing Toilets’

Sen. Bernie Sanders, 77, really is just as curmudugeonly as you’d expect. 
According to a leaked campaign rider from his 2020 presidential campaign obtained by The Smoking Gun, the Democratic socialist from Vermont demands that his hotel rooms be cold and his bathrooms not have slow flushing toilets.
Called the “Senator Comfort Memo” — marked “Confidential: For Campaign Staff Use Only” — the document instructs the exact arrangements that must be met for Sanders’ hotels, food, drink, family and staff.
“After a hard day of campaigning, Senator Bernie Sanders likes to settle down in a frigid hotel suite with a cozy down comforter and a bathroom that has been checked for “leaky faucets, slow flushing toilets, slow draining bathtubs,” according to a tour rider prepared by the candidate’s staff,” The Gun wrote.
The Sanders rider advocates the poaching of “mini honey bottles or single honey packs” encountered at hotels. “Stock up!” campaign aides are told, wrote The Gun.
For Sanders, who is referred to as “SBS” in the memo, a “small junior suite” is ideal. “We have no need for a large suite–please avoid this upgrade as much as possible,” the memo states. The candidate also seeks a “Bathtub, if the hotel has that option” and a room thermostat set at 60 degrees. “ALWAYS TEST, SET, AND RUN THE THERMOSTAT BEFORE ARRIVAL,” the memo advises advance team personnel.
As for the location of Sanders’s suite, it should not be “near elevators, ice machines, or other high foot traffic spots.” Additionally, hotel management should be asked “if any other groups are staying at the hotel and adjust floor placement as necessary to ensure a quiet stay.”
If any of Sanders’s seven grandchildren are traveling with him, campaign workers are advised to secure a room for them adjoining Sanders’s suite. An aide to Sanders’s wife Jane should also be apprised if the hotel has a pool and/or hot tub since, “This is particularly important if the grandchildren are accompanying SBS and Jane.”
But Bernie doesn’t sleep cold. He demands a king-size bed with a down comforter. If no comforters are available, then lots of blankets will do.
And you know those annoying pamphlets and booklets that are all over hotel rooms? Yeah, none of those for Bernie.

“As part of ‘QUALITY CONTROL BEFORE ARRIVAL,’ Sanders aides must remove any ‘hotel pamphlets/signage from bed and side-tables.’ They must also test the room’s lights, TV, keys, and ‘Check for any leaky faucets, slow flushing toilets, slow draining bathtubs, hot water, etc..’ “
Notes The Gun: ‘T]he Democratic candidate appears to share the current president’s concern about the insufficient flushing power of today’s toilets.”
The senator who prefers socialism over capitalism also makes these demands each day: Green tea with honey (saving any excess honey packets), English breakfast tea, a low sugar drink, one small bottle of red Gatorade, one bottle of Smart water, clementines and a small can of unsalted cashews/walnuts/almonds.
Oh, and on departure, he makes one final demand: “Shred any documents left behind.”

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