Thursday 12 March 2020

Dick Morris: Chinese Sneaking into US, Evading Screening

Kansas U.S. Senate candidate Republican Kris Kobach has charged that at least 12,000 Chinese nationals snuck into the U.S. last year, evading customs and health screening, a process that continues, he says, to this day.
Kobach, a Republican running for the vacant Senate seat in Kansas, is a widely respected authority on sealing our southern border and has, in fact, raised tens of millions to build a privately financed section of the wall, soon to be completed.
Kobach points to data that indicates an increase in apprehensions of Chinese nationals for illegally crossing in the Rio Grande Valley section of the Mexican border from 700 in 2018 to 1,300 last year.
Projecting to the entire length of the border, Kobach estimates that conservatively, 12,000 Chinese nationals are crossing illegally each year.
He notes that, even though China was the original source of the coronavirus, none of these immigrants had been screened for the disease.
“At times like this, it is imperative that the process of immigration be orderly and controlled. A secure border is essential in our defense against not only crime and terrorism, but also against pandemics,” he wrote in a piece for Breitbart.
Kobach is running in a hotly contested Senate race in Kansas.
The Republican front-runner, he served as Secretary of State for Kansas from 2011-2019.
An expert in immigration law, he co-authored the tough Arizona immigration reform and represented in federal court the ten ICE agents who sued to stop Obama’s DACA executive amnesty.
His campaign website can be found here.

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