Wednesday 29 April 2020

Exclusive: Trans Survivor Rips Planned Parenthood for Encouraging 'Psychological Child Abuse'

With everyone stuck at home, now is the perfect time to catch up on some valuable family time.
Planned Parenthood seems to think that this family time should consist of indoctrinating your children with the idea that they can choose their gender.
In an April 9 Medium blog post titled, “Resources for Teaching Your Children About Sex and Relationships During the COVID-19 Pandemic,” Planned Parenthood shared a glossary of sexual education terms that the organization encouraged parents to walk through with their children.

Among the terms are several suggesting that gender is malleable, including “cisgender,” “gender identity,” “gender expression,” “gender nonbinary” and “genderqueer,” among others.
Teaching ideas such as these to children can lead to some serious consequences.
Walter Heyer, a biological male who identified as a transgender woman for eight years and now works to raise public awareness about the dangers of transitioning, discussed with The Western Journal how harmful pushing those ideas on children can be.
“First and foremost because it is medically, biologically and scientifically impossible for anyone no matter what age to ‘transition’ to another gender parents should not engage kids into identifying as if they have changed. The kids will learn the parents had done them wrong at some point,” Heyer said in an email.
“The idea of a different gender is only adopting a social trend that will not last,” he added, noting that this can result in “a great deal of harm that will cause permanent damage to children. Encouraging or assisting a child to change genders is emotional and psychological child abuse that will only be acknowledged 10 to 20 years later when regret sets in and the now adult wants his ‘old identity back.'”
“The consequences are devastating because it was all a tragic waste of a childhood,” Heyer said. “I know from experience.”
Transition regret is a very real thing, and it’s not something that only affected Heyer.
She started on puberty blockers at 16,then had cross-sex hormones for 4yrs, underwent double mastectomy to have breasts removed.

She now REGRETS it all and is suing the organization that cheered her on to “transition”.

Many lives are being destroyed in this make-believe world.
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Parents who follow Planned Parenthood’s guidelines for sex education risk confusing their children and hurting them in the long term.
Debra Soh, an outspoken critic of child transitioning, discussed about how ridiculous this idea is in a January 2018 article for The Globe and Mail, a Canadian newspaper.
“By taking children’s words at face value, the adults in the room are denying them the help they need,” Soh, who has a PhD in sexual neuroscience, wrote. “The goal of successful policy and medical treatment should be to improve the lives of those who are struggling, not to pat ourselves on the back for being open-minded and progressive.”
By indoctrinating children with these concepts of gender malleability, Planned Parenthood and the parents who follow their guidelines might be setting them down a dangerous path where they end up regretting their decision.

After all, young children are not even old enough to grasp the consequences of proper hygiene. How could they possibly understand gender transitioning?

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