Thursday 18 June 2020

Millennials Notice That Gen Z’s Are Dragging Them On TikTok, Are Not Impressed By It

Sick and tired of being considered a millennial, proud zoomer @mayalepa made a TikTok, saying that she doesn’t want to be associated with people who still think that Harry Potter movies are a personality trait. A second later, Gen Z are taking stabs at their predecessors in the comments under the video.
82K likes later, Twitter user @local__celeb reshares some of the best roasts, and her tweet instantly goes viral. At that point, millennials noticed that their title of the most edgy generation was under attack, so they began  to return fire.

Apparently, zoomers aren’t crazy about millennials

Image credits: local__celeb

And after one of them uploaded a TikTok expressing this opinion

Image credits: mayalepa
Image credits: mayalepa

Gen Z immediately started roasting millennials in the comments

Image credits: wholesam
Image credits: wholesam

But millennials wouldn’t go down without a fight

Image credits: Ubuntu2790
Image credits: MaryTracy
Image credits: Dunedan
Image credits: JohnCarltonKing
Image credits: realldowntomars
Image credits: _Snape_

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