Sunday 5 July 2020

Investigators Set Up A Trap To See If Hotels Change Their Sheets During The COVID-19 Pandemic – They All Fail

Something that the coronavirus pandemic has taught us is just how important cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitization are. For our health, for everyone’s safety. Places like hotels should be taking the Covid-19 lockdowns and the cleanliness extra seriously, considering that their business and people’s lives depend on this.
However, far from every hotel is doing things the right way when they reopened, as the crew of the TV show Inside Edition found out. Producers of the show checked into several high-end New York City hotel rooms and used a washable spray to apply logos to the bedsheets, pillows, and bath towels. These logos are only visible under UV light.
Can you guess what happened when the crew checked back in using another name the next day? Yup, they found some of the logos! This would be bad if we were in any regular year like 2019 or 2018. But in 2020, during a full-blown pandemic? It’s horrible.

You can check out Inside Edition’s full video about the situation in some high-end Manhattan hotels right here

Producers also covered commonly touched surfaces like desks, thermostats, and TVs with a washable gel to see if they’d be wiped clean, too.
Inside Edition’s YouTube video got a lot of attention: more than 454k people viewed the five and a half minute clip.

The team used a washable and non-harmful spray to apply logos to bedsheets, pillow, and bath towels. You can only see these logos under UV light!

What makes the situation even worse is that some of these businesses are high-end Manhattan hotels. You would guess that you’re getting cleanliness and top-notch service for the amount of money you’re paying.

Hyatt Place visit

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Inside Edition’s report found that the Hyatt Place Times Square still had the UV logo visible on the bedsheets and pillowcase. Though the desk had been cleaned and the towel had been replaced, the remote control hadn’t been sanitized.

Hampton Inn visit

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Meanwhile, at the Hampton Inn Times Square Central, the sheets and a pillowcase weren’t changed; the remote and the thermostat weren’t wiped down.

Trump International Hotel visit

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Image credits: Inside Edition
Finally, at the Trump International Hotel, the pillowcase wasn’t changed but the sheets and towels were. The Hyatt and Hampton teams were concerned about the findings. Meanwhile, the Trump International Hotel denied Inside Edition’s findings and claimed that they were false.

Here’s how people reacted to the video!

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