Thursday 2 July 2020

“You’re a F**king Black Judas” – Topless NY BLM Protester Attacks Police for Being Uneducated, Illiterate, Working Class Rubes (VIDEO)

De Blasio’s New York–
Black Lives Matter activists abused New York police last night at City Hall as the city council gathered to vote to cut one billion from the NYPD.
One topless trans activist was filmed abusing police officers calling them uneducated, working class, illiterate idiots.
Trans activist: “You know a hairdresser has to go to school longer than you do. Half of you don’t even have a college education… You can’t even read a f**king history book. You should f**king know better. Traitor to your f**king race. You’re like a f**king black Judas.”
What disgusting people.

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