Saturday 22 August 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Artificial Intelligence Psychiatric Diagnostic Filter Confirms Joe Biden Exhibits Multiple Dementia/Early Alzheimer Patterns

It’s clear to everyone with the exception of Democrats that Joe Biden, the Democrat’s Presidential nominee, is failing in health.  His abilities are diminishing by the day.

Former Obama Vice President Joe Biden spoke at an event more than a month ago where he seemed lost and confused.  He thought he heard rain but wasn’t sure then he asked individuals in the press who were at the event to come in out of the rain.  The event appeared to be indoors.

Events like this lead the casual observer to think the 77-year-old Biden is failing in health and getting senile.
We know the Democrat Party would never admit their candidate is senile.  Especially the one they just nominated as their candidate last week.  (The Democrat Party has really lost all credibility after their former President spied on Republican candidate and President Trump.)
So Yaacov Apelbaum used AI to determine whether Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden is senile or affected by loss of cognitive abilities in any way leading to the following conclusion:
Running some 2016-2020 Biden videos through an AI psychiatric diagnostic filter shows that Biden positively matches in multiple dementia/early Alzheimer patterns (See below for details).
The following evaluated criteria were reviewed in his determination:
1. Memory recall –
Forgetting the names of friends or family, or forgetting how many children or grandkids one has or asking the same question reputedly or misplacing objects or holding them improperly
2. Planning, problem-solving, and decision-making –
Getting confused when planning or thinking things through non-liner sequences  or having a difficulty concentrating and working with fine details or exhibiting poor judgement when assessing risks and having trouble keeping track of tasks and prioritizing
3. Language skills –
Problems finding the right word and using substitution word such as ‘the thing’
Having difficulty following or joining a conversation and understanding context Losing the thread of a conversation
4. Place time and orientation –
Losing track of the date, season and the passage of time or forgetting name of town city state locations
5. Visual perception and engagement –
Glassy eyes, higher blink rate, difficulty tracking, depth perception
6. Mood and behavior –
Getting anxious or frightened or becoming irritable, aggressive, or easily upset
7. Motion –
‘Stiff’ motion, poor distance estimation, ‘invasion’ of personal space
8. Speech –
Erratic conversational rhythm, poor diction, stuttering

We can see it with our eyes and AI supports it – Joe Biden is failing in his cognitive skills in a manner common with people his age.

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