Monday 24 August 2020

MSNBC Guest: Donald Trump Invited McCloskeys to Speak at RNC Convention Because “He’s Readying His People for Violent Mutiny if the Results Don’t Go His Way” (VIDEO)

MSNBC is Stone Cold Crazy
A guest on “Morning Joy” on Saturday told viewers President Trump invited Mark and Patricia McCloskey to speak at the RNC Convention because he’s “readying his base for violent mutiny if the results don’t go his way.”
Mark McCloskey, the St. Louis attorney who waved his gun at Black Lives Matter goons who broke into his neighborhood and threatened his wife, his home and his dog, will speak at the RNC Convention next week in North Carolina.
Mark and his wife Patricia were charged with a crime by corrupt St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner after the story made headlines across the country.
Mark McCloskey will speak at the RNC Convention this week.
Democrats are triggered that a homeowner will speak to the country after he was filmed protecting his home and family with a gun.
Via Newsbusters:
Brittany Packnett Cunningham told viewers:
“Let’s connect the dots here. They’re not just going to be ready to emulate them between now and November. I am very, very worried about the fact that given all of the invalidating rhetoric that Donald Trump has used about this election, attempting to undermine results before we even get them, that he is readying his people for violent mutity if the results don’t go his way.
 This is the crap they air on MSNBC.
NewsBusters reported:

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