Sunday 30 August 2020

Thousands Join Bobby Kennedy Jr. In Berlin Protesting Abuses in the Vaccine Industry – Police Step In to Shut it Down

Bobby Kennedy Jr. joined members of the global community today in Berlin in an effort to raise awareness about the dangers our children face due to the vaccine lobby.

Thousands showed up.

Bobby Kennedy is the son of the former US Attorney General and the nephew of the US President who famously said, “I am a Berliner.” Bobby was in Berlin today to join forces with citizens around the globe who are concerned about our children’s health as a result of damaging vaccines.
The group Children’s Health Defense got together in Berlin with the younger Kennedy in an effort to bring attention to corrupt individuals and institutions in the global medical community pushing dangerous medicines on our children.
The Children’s Health Defense website shares various posts similar to the ones we published here at TGP over the past few months.
Individuals and entities like Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates and the WHO all took efforts to prevent the use of HCQ and efforts to shut down those doctors who wanted to tell the truth about HCQ’s use:

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