Sunday 30 August 2020

Trump Campaign CRUSHES Democrat Convention by 25 Million Viewers Over Four Nights! Raises Millions More than Sleepy Joe

The Trump campaign made history this week!
The Republican National Convention pulled off one of the most spectacular conventions in modern history.
When Republicans tell their message uncensored by the increasingly liberal and anti-American media they always soar!
And that’s what they did this week.
The RNC brought in 147.9 million online and on television viewers this week, according to FOX News.
That compares to 122 million views for Sleepy Joe Biden and his VP nominee Kamala Harris.
The Republican convention told their story of a country imperfect yet great and always striving to improve itself.
The Democrat convention told their story of a critically flawed nation whose only hope is to scrap our free system for socialism, government control, defunded police and white privilege classes.
Republicans also brought in $76 million for President Donald Trump.
Democrats brought in $70 million for sleepy Joe last week.
The RNC was a fabulous success.
Truth and honesty always prevail.

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