Wednesday 23 September 2020

AWKWARD: Biden Stops Halfway Through North Carolina Speech and Asks ‘Crowd’ if He Should Shut Up and Stop Rambling (VIDEO)


This was awkward.

Joe Biden emerged from his basement on Wednesday and traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina for his Black Economic Summit.

There was no enthusiasm for old Joe even though his campaign dragged out NBA player Chris Paul.

Here’s the view from outside of the old Ford plant in Charlotte as Biden was delivering remarks (tumbleweeds):

A handful of people sat in social distancing circles.

Biden actually stopped halfway through his stump speech and asked the reporters if he should shut up and stop rambling.

“There’s an outfit…uh am I telling you too much? You want me to stop? Ok…” Biden said. “This really drives me crazy.”

Biden rambled about Covid and slammed Trump for not trampling on state’s rights.


Here’s the scene outside of the venue as Biden departed….

No miles-long line of supporters cheering him on.



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