Wednesday 30 September 2020

Judge Sullivan and His Sidekick Making a Total Mockery of the Judicial System – Historic Corruption in the Works


(Above Sidney Powell, General Flynn, Judge Sullivan and his sidekick John Gleeson)

Today’s General Flynn Court Hearing has turned into a nightmare for Flynn and those in the US who relish fairness and circus for the world to see.

The nightmare is among us.  Here is a sampling of updates from the case:

One of the first knucklehead moves was the online systems were disrupted early on:

This wasn’t even a criminal case – the whole thing is a horrible joke starting with Obama:

Judge Sullivan went on a rant about Trump’s tweets even though he has no idea how to tweet:

Judge Sullivan is clearly biased and out of his mind. He will go down in history as a crazy old judge:

Next crazy and corrupt Judge Sullivan allowed his witness (as if this has ever happened before from a judge who has taken on the role of prosecutor in the case) another Trump Hater – John Gleeson, his appointed amicus, went on a rant:

Americans are fed up:

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