Thursday 3 September 2020

Owner of Destroyed Kenosha Business Declines Photo Op With Trump, So Trump Gets Store’s Former Owner to Do It Instead

We all know that y’all’s president is a photo-op whore. We also know that whenever there’s a riot over racial injustice, Trump’s pandering-protocol requires him to take a fake stand against fake police persecution as well as make a big public display out of denouncing lawlessness and property damage.
We knew all of this after the bunker-beyotch-in-chief had a whole crowd of peaceful protesters tear-gassed outside the White House so he could walk the streets and pose with a Bible in hand for a photo in front of a church that was damaged during civil unrest over the death of George Floyd. And we saw it again in Kenosha, Wis., where a business owner declined to take a photo with Trump in front of his destroyed store, which was damaged during unrest over the shooting of Jacob Blake. Trump—in true Trumpanzee fashion—had the business owner replaced with the business’ former owner so that he could get that photo and then lie about it.
According to TMJ 4, Tom Gram has owned Rode’s Camera Shop for eight years. Gram told TMJ that after his store was destroyed a week ago, he got a call from the White House on Monday requesting that he join the president in his riot aftermath tour of Kenosha, which would include Gram’s smashed-up shop. Despite the pain he must have felt having his business destroyed, Gram didn’t go for Trump’s orangey-white nonsense and declined the White House’s invitation, telling reporters that he thinks “everything he [Trump] does turns into a circus and I just didn’t want to be involved in it.
“I think he needs to bring this country together rather than divide it,” Gram said. “I think there’s a lot of good people in this community and to say that only law enforcement is correct is not the message we need to hear right now.”
After Gram opted out of appearing on camera with the Church’s Chicken of greasy-ass presidents, he got an unpleasant surprise when he turned on the TV to see Trump standing in front of his leveled store introducing a man as the owner who hadn’t owned the store in nearly a decade.
Gram said he watched Tuesday as the man who never met a lie he didn’t want to tell looked reporters dead in the face and introduced “John Rode III, owner of Rode’s Camera Shop.”

To be fair, while Rode no longer owns Rode’s Camera Shop, he does own the property the shop sits on. But that’s likely not the only reason Trump chose him for the photo-op—he also needed someone who would lick his ass a little.
“I just appreciate President Trump coming today, everybody here does,” Rode said Tuesday while standing next to the guy who says Black Lives Matter is “bad for Black people” in his ultra-white-ass opinion. “We’re so thankful we got the federal troops here. Once they got here things did calm down quite a bit.”
“A day earlier would have saved his store,” Trump responded.
This is just further proof that y’all’s president leaves his integrity in his tanning bed whenever he opens his mouth and that he will choose political posturing over reality every time.

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