Friday 2 October 2020

HUGE! US Marshals Service Announces Rescue of More than 1,300 Missing Children Including Victims of Sex Trafficking — TRUMP Has Doubled the Number of Rescues!

 While the FBI was out raiding conservatives at home in their sleep over the bogus Russia hoax — The US Marshals were out rescuing missing children and children victims of sex trafficking.

US Marshals Service Director Donald Washington made the announcement on Thursday that the US Marshals have rescued over 1,300 missing children since fiscal year 2016.

The US Marshals rescued more than 1,300 children in the United States.

And each year since President Trump came into office the number of rescues has increased.

President Trump has more than doubled the number of annual rescues since 2016!

375 children were rescued this year including victims of child trafficking.

What was that the Q movement was saying?

Via The Evening Edit:

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