Saturday 3 October 2020

It Needs to Be Asked: Is President Trump Safe from the Military Deep State at Walter Reed Hospital?


Is President Trump going to be safe in the Walter Reed Military Hospital?  Who will protect him from the Deep State and his enemies in the military?

We’ve reported repeatedly on the rolling coup.  The Deep State jumps from one crisis to another and attempts to remove this great President from office one way or another.  The military was the next part of the coup.

We noted a couple weeks ago that the next option in the ‘rolling coup’ appeared to be coming from the military.  We discussed this and more with Former Marine Helicopter Pilot, career JAG Officer and Chief of the Army Criminal Law Division, Col. Richard Black, (USA Ret.).

Col. Richard H. Black, (USA Ret.) has a storied history. He explained to us that he flew 269 combat missions as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. He also fought on the ground with the First Marine Division and was wounded with both of his radio men killed during an attack. Col. Black later went to law school and was a career Judge Advocate Officer (JAG) and eventually became the Chief of the Army Criminal Law Division in the Office of the Judge Advocate General at the Pentagon.

The colonel played a key role in deploying troops to quell the LA riots in 1992 and is well versed in the Insurrection Act as a result. He also served for 20 years as a member of the Virginia General Assembly where he spent time in both the Virginia House and the Senate. Colonel Black shared:

What appears to be going on is a concerted effort among some of the top generals and defense department officials to undermine the credibility of the President, to undermine his ability to deal with the violence that’s plaguing the cities of America today. And, there is a level of arrogance and independence among the military that I have never seen in my lifetime and I think it’s reaching dangerous proportions.

There are very top leaders of the effort and General James Mattis is one and General Colin Powell is another one and they are working together with an array of Generals who are not in my view being responsive to their oath of office and even to the requirements of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Colonel Black next shared that what we have had is a very rapid fire succession of generals who have come out publicly and denounced the President of the President’s actions:

The military has certain duties to support the President of the United States. Col. Black explained Article 88 that prohibits former military from saying contemptuous words about the President of the United States:


In June we warned the next phase in the rolling coup may involve the military.

This frightening scenario may be in the works by corrupt Deep State now. Let’s pray for President Trump’s protection now.


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