Sunday 25 October 2020

SHOCK VIDEO: Detroit Election Workers Trained To Kick Out Poll Watchers, Count Challenged Ballots, Throw Out Provisional Ballots


Hidden audio has emerged from an anonymous source who took the election work training classes in Detroit, Michigan.

And you won’t believe what the trainers are instructing the poll workers to do.

The audio, posted in a video on YouTube, reveals that election workers are trained to try to kick out poll watchers and anyone who challenges any ballot. “They have to wear a mask, and they have to stay six feet. That’s important because if you don’t have six feet, they can’t come back there,” advises the instructor, who then goes on to say that a person standing six feet away from the ballots cannot accurately see what is going on and can’t verify any signatures, “Unless they got really good vision or they brought their binoculars.”

Trainees are told that the number one thing people will scrutinize are the absentee ballots. The solution to someone challenging an absentee ballot?

Just call 911 on anyone who’s pestering the poll workers. “If they make a scene, get ’em up out of there. Call the police on ’em.”

The producers of the video then cut away to the text of Michigan Compiled Laws 168.733, which specifically states that “The board of election inspectors shall provide space for the challengers within the polling place that enables the challengers to observe the election procedure and each person applying to vote.” Section (4) of the law specifies “A person shall not threaten or intimidate a challenger while performing an activity allowed under subsection.

The training session then goes on to explain what a worker should do with a challenged ballot. The instructor advises to put the ballot in the tabulator, which is the machine that actually counts the votes, and run it as if it were not challenged, and the vote will be counted by default. The video explains that this renders the challenged ballot unchallengable because once it goes into the machine it becomes anonymous and cannot be traced or tracked.

Michiganders can register to vote through election day. So, technically, someone can vote early or by mail in a nearby state, then travel to Michigan on the day of the election, register, and vote there. Would they ever get caught? Not likely. But these newly registered voters are supposed to bring special papers, and some papers state that their ballots are supposed to go right into the challenge que. Other papers say treat the ballot like a regular one.

The video then goes on to explain that anyone can access the master list of voters in Michigan, which provides names, address, and precinct information for every voter. Pretty much anyone could show up claiming to be someone they are not and give a name that matches one that is one the list.

Evidently there are some kind of laptops that are being issued to high schoolers, who are serving in “Electronic Pollbook Inspector” capacities. And they are getting paid hundreds of dollars.

The next part is a bit disturbing, as anyone who has had their absentee ballot stolen or had one issued to a fraudulent person, will not be able to vote. In fairness, this also means that people cannot double vote, but if they intended to do that, then they could just as easily use someone else’s name.

The trainer then says if the person swears they did not vote absentee, to issue that person a provisional ballot, which goes into a special envelope, that eventually just gets thrown out. So the person thinks they are casting their vote, when really it just goes into the garbage.

Even scarier is that these are teenagers working behind the scenes. Any of them can run any ballot they want through the tabulator, or toss them into the provisional stack to be thrown away. And the voter will be none the wiser.

The video closes out by offering instructions how to become a ballot watcher.


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