Sunday 25 October 2020

“They Were Willing to Blow Up the Constitution – All of Their Rage Has Been Out of Their Own Guilt” – Tom Fitton and Attorney Sidney Powell Weigh in on Deep State Criminals (VIDEO)


For years we wondered how bad it must have been for the Democrats and the Deep State to commit crimes in their attempt to remove President Trump as the President of the United States.  It’s because they all were in on it.

Tom Fitton shared the following after discussing the absolute prosecutorial and judicial insanity and abuse of General Flynn, the following:

The dirty little secret in this town is there are no dirty little secrets.  I guarantee you everyone knew about what Biden was up to.  Many Senators know about it.  We have information coming from other sources, that, from these emails and other similar documents that there were other Senators who are implicated in this…

…this scandal, if it involves the Vice President of the United States for a period of time, you can bet it involves other top politicians here. I helps explain why they were willing to blow up the Constitution to take out President Trump.

Next Sidney Powell, General Flynn’s attorney commented on the Hunter Biden emails and the corrupt actions of the Biden clan:

I agree with everything Tom just said.  They are so afraid of what they’ve done, they, that’s why we’ve had the whole crusade to try to destroy President Trump.  It’s not just Vice President Biden or Hunter it is many of them.  They know it, they’re guilty.  All of their rage has been out of their own guilt.

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:


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