Tuesday 6 October 2020

This Is CNN: Jim Acosta Mocks President Trump: “Coronavirus in Chief”, “Emperor”, “Patient Zero”

 CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta mocked President Trump upon his return from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Monday evening, calling Trump “Coronavirus in Chief” in a post on Twitter. Acosta also called Trump “Patient Zero” and “Emperor” on CNN.

Acosta, like most reporters, was apoplectic that Trump took his mask off after climbing the steps to the Truman Balcony on the South Portico of the White House residence.

“Coronavirus in Chief, Trump takes off mask as he returns to WH.”

‘Media: @Acosta to @wolfblitzer: “Keep in mind this is not just the president returning to the @WhiteHouse, this may be Patient Zero. This is the #virus coming back to the White House. It is eerily quiet inside the corridors of the West Wing. The emperor has no staff tonight.”

Longer video of Trump removing his mask:

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