Tuesday 3 November 2020

CBS News Decides to Break it to Viewers, Runs Report Showing "Republican-Surge" Scenario Where Trump Easily Wins(7 Pictures)

 While Democrat voters presumably felt somewhat reassured over the past month that former Vice President Joe Biden has the upcoming election in the bag given the constant bombardment of favorable polls by a bulk of the anti-Trump media, that’s beginning to rapidly change as Tuesday approaches.

In a stunning report by left-leaning CBS News, the network admitted that while Biden voters tended to be a majority of the early-voting crowd, Trump supporters are more likely to vote on election day and as a result, could cause what the network called a “Republican surge” at the last minute.

“Joe Biden heads into Election Day preferred by voters who have already cast their ballots early. President Trump has a lead among those who plan to show up on November 3,” the network said in a report, according to the Daily Wire.

“In our Republican-surge scenario, the size of the Election-Day vote is relatively large, so given that these voters break for Mr. Trump, it mitigates Biden’s early-vote edge, and Mr. Trump inches out close wins in enough states to go over 270. (We increased the size of the Election-Day vote by an average of seven points in this scenario, while keeping vote preference among early voters and Election-Day voters fixed.)” CBS News said.

In their hypothetical “Republican-surge” scenario, the network predicted which states would go for Trump and which would go for Biden. A number of highly sought-after battleground states turned red, including Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Iowa, Georgia, Ohio and Arizona. 

Those hypothetical results gave Trump the win with 279 electoral votes to Biden’s 259.

But not unexpectedly, the network was quick in their attempt to soothe Democrat voter anxiety after their bombshell prediction, claiming that even a slight decrease in the surge scenario could provide Biden with a “comfortable” win, given his suspected strong early-voting turnout.

“If some of the people planning to vote on Tuesday decide not to show up, and the size of the Election-Day vote decreases by an average of three points from our initial estimates, the net result is pretty dramatic,” CBS News reported.

However, these scenarios — even by the liberal media — are nothing more than speculation that will likely be nowhere near what actually happens on election day. In 2016, the media, pundits, politicians and pretty much everyone else were dead-set on the idea that Hillary Clinton would emerge victorious.

As we all remember, pollsters had a rough year after Trump stormed the electoral college that night and was easily declared the victor.

Although it’s anecdotal, throughout the day I’ve heard similar reports from other networks and talking heads on the left who seem to be laying the groundwork to deal with a potential Biden loss, even if it’s only a subtle suggestion.

I suspect these same people who were so sure of a Clinton presidency four years ago are mentally preparing for another devastating loss. Only time will tell.


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