Wednesday 11 November 2020

“Oh Sh*t!” – MSNBC Correspondent Starts Cursing Not Realizing He’s Live On Air (VIDEO)


“Ken, what have you learned sir?” asks MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin of correspondent Ken Dilanian regarding how the Trump team is handling, or not handling, sharing intelligence info with the Biden team. And right on cue, with a concerned look, Dilanian responds saying “Oh s***. F***!”

The feed quickly cut back to Melvin.

This was all live on the air:

Dilanian’s story sharing intelligence has gone live on, in yet another attempt to create a controversy. Since Biden has not won the Presidency, wouldn’t Trump actually be following proper protocol by not sharing intel with someone who is just a private citizen?

Then again, the expletives did sort of sum up this entire election covfefe.

Dilanian later apologized for the gaff and cited technical difficulties.

Note that he admits to “playing producer, cameraman, and tech support” but doesn’t even try to claim to be a reporter.

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