Monday 9 November 2020

The Election Isn't Final, But Joe Biden's Team Is Already Planning Their Transition To The White House

 Though most major news networks have still not called the presidential election in favor of former Vice President Joe Biden, that hasn’t stopped the 77-year-old gaffe machine from moving rapidly to form a transition team and discuss possible White House staffing appointments.

According to The New York Times, should Biden emerge victorious in the 2020 presidential election, he’s expected to announce his Cabinet and other top appointments around the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, which is perfect timing as America will likely be locked down and not allowed to leave their houses.

Biden and his running mate, California Sen. Kamala Harris, made a late night appearance in front of television cameras on Friday night to solidify their confidence that they would soon be president-elect and vice president-elect, while hinting that they were already moving forward with plans and policies that they campaigned on.

“While we’re waiting for the final results, I want people to know we are not waiting to get the work done,” Biden said.

Apparently, Biden has already assembled a team of dozens of experts in the fields of health and technology to immediately tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, which Biden repeated on several occasions leading up to the election that he would magically fix on “day one” in the White House, should he emerge as the winner.

The Biden team has quietly spent the past six months or so raising money for their transition team operation, which is led by Ted Kaufman, a longtime and loyal Biden adviser. The transition operation has raised a staggering $7 million since their efforts began. The team has also reportedly planned for a number of scenarios if President Donald Trump refuses to concede or leave the White House if Biden emerges victorious.

However, before Biden and Harris pick out new drapes for the White House, they’ll have to also emerge victorious in a growing number of legal battles that are currently being waged by a large and impressive army of attorneys who are currently fighting back against alleged widespread voter and ballot fraud allegations.

In states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Nevada, where Biden currently holds razor thin leads, there have been multiple reports of various levels of ballot fraud or questionable vote counts where Biden receives large chunks of votes in the middle of the night, seemingly pushing him a little further ahead each day.

Pennsylvania, specifically Philadelphia, made headlines after Republican observers were not allowed to properly monitor the vote count, which is a process that’s allowed by law. Even after securing a court order to observe the ballot counting process, Trump lawyer Pam Bondi and her associates were eventually shut down by a state court.

It’s important to remember that no matter what happens over the coming days, there’s a high likelihood that Biden’s camp — with the help of the mainstream media — will declare victory, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be the president.

That’s a decision that, at this point, will be decided by the court.

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