Wednesday 9 December 2020

BREAKING: Dirty Judge Sullivan Finally Dismisses Case Against General Flynn Following Trump Pardon


Corrupt Judge Emmet Sullivan finally dismissed the criminal case against General Flynn following President Trump’s pardon.

General Flynn was targeted by Obama’s corrupt and criminal DOJ/FBI for several years.

Obama’s FBI framed General Flynn and corrupt Judge Sullivan refused to dismiss the case after the DOJ dropped the case several months ago.

Last month President Trump stepped in an issued Flynn a full presidential pardon, but Judge Sullivan continued to harass Flynn.

Judge Sullivan on Tuesday declared the case against Flynn “moot” following Trump’s pardon.

Sullivan used this as an opportunity to once again attack General Flynn in a 43-page memorandum.

Yesterday Judge Sullivan tried to flex some power by ignoring President Trump’s pardon.

In new orders issued Monday allowing amicus briefs, Judge Emmet Sullivan made it clear he was ignoring President Trump’s pardon of Flynn granted November 25 that he was given formal notice of by the Justice Department on November 30.

Several minute orders by Sullivan were posted to the court docket Monday allowing the filing of amicus briefs in the Flynn case that were filed earlier in the fall when the GOJ motioned to dismiss the case against Flynn.

But on Tuesday, Sullivan finally backed down and dismissed the Flynn case.

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